Saturday, July 26, 2008

So I realize it's been a while...

As I procrastinate even further in writing the drill for our upcoming field show, I am surfing the web, and realize that I haven't updated my blog in quite a while. In fact, I think it's been almost two months. LAME!

So, here's what happened this summer:

1. Courtnie had her 7th birthday June 14. I have a 7 year-old. I can't believe it. "Where does the time go?" is a common question asked, and as I get older, I realize that this question becomes more and more relevant. She had a great birthday party (I'll post pictures later)--complete with a slip and slide and 8 friends. It was fun.

2. The day after Courtnie's party, we left for Utah. We took my good friend (and band parent) Nikki Lorton with us. We had a great time talking and visiting on the trip up. She has two great kids--her oldest is on track to be this year's Valedictorian--and it was fun to ask her advice on raising great kids. It's also nice to hear a different perspective on raising kids from a "non-LDS" view, as she is a devout Catholic.

Anyway, we arrived in Orem and stayed the night with Lindsey before we went on to Idaho to see my parents. I dropped Nikki off at the Idaho Falls airport so that she could rent a car to drive to Montana to spend the summer with her grandma who had just been diagnosed with cancer. We then went on to Rexburg where we spent some time with mom and dad and grandpa Joe. Sunday was Father's Day, so a lot of Sellers family came to Rexburg to visit. It was good to see everyone.

Ian had football camp at BYU, so we stayed with Lindsey in Orem most of the week. My days consisted of waking up WAY too late (I don't know what it is about sleeping in basements that just makes you want to sleep all day), waking up and getting ready, taking Ian to camp, driving back to Lindsey's and hanging out with her and her cute family. Wednesday night we went up to Michelle's for Abbie's birthday and the kids had a blast playing on her HUGE inflatable water slide.

We stayed with Michelle Thursday and Friday night and went to the zoo with Michelle on Friday. We drove home Saturday in time to make it to church on Sunday. It was a great week.

3. I turned 35 on July 2. 35 sounds so close to 40!

4. We had two parades at the end of June/beginning of July. I really dreaded doing the parades, but seeing the students and being around them just seems to give me a real burst of energy. I hope that never fades.

5. I have read SOOO much this summer! I read The Virgin Earth, At World's End, The Life of Pi, Sarah, The Divide, and The Host. (I'm sure there's one or two I'm forgetting in there!) I LOVE to read so much. As a result of this love, I've totally procrastinated just about everything I needed to do this summer to get ready for school, but I think it was worth it.

6. Ian attended another football camp at my high school. He had a great time, but worked SO hard. He's such a good athlete. He also got promoted to Level 3 in gymnastics, and Courtnie moved up to Level 2. They seem to have fun in gymnastics--that's what it's all about. Ian can do a round-off, back handspring, back tuck (all in a row) now--that's just so impressive to me.

7. Josh and Kassie moved to Prescott Valley last Sunday. (Well, they're here, anyway--there stuff is all on a boat somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean.) We've had a lot of fun hanging out and getting to know them better. Their kids are so cute, and Courtnie has had a blast being a "mommy" to Allison and Megan. We're excited to have family so close.

8. Band camp started this past Monday. It's going pretty well so far. I've had a few major issues--my best snare player developed a MAJOR attitude, and I had to ask him to leave. We're going to have to do auditions again to fill his spot. Attitude helps/hinders so much in band. I tell all of my students (repeatedly) that I'd rather have the worst player in the world with a great attitude than a great musican with a cruddy attitude. Luckily for me, I'm blessed with pretty great students. Our band is going down in numbers again this year, but only by a couple, and if we can just keep our middle school director for a while, then I'm sure the numbers will start to climb. We're doing a Beatles show this year, so we're all pretty excited about the music, and it's starting to sound good. Now, if I could just get the drill written!! :)

9. Last Thursday I went to see the Urologist about my kidney mass. He really wants to find out what it is, so he ordered another CT scan (yea me!) I'll have that on Wednesday. He said he'd call me as soon as he has the results so we can figure out where to go from here. It could either be a more "solid" mass, or a cyst with "walls." If it's more solid, it will show up brighter under the contrast and will need to be removed soon. If it's a cyst, then we'll just "monitor" it. Either way, it will be good to know for sure what's going on.

So that's where are now. School starts on August 4--can you believe it? We're off and running. Football/cheer starts for the kids on Monday, so my life (as I know it) is pretty much over. *Just kidding*

Love to all. Keep in touch!